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Graduate School of Education - George Mason University

Our Graduate School of Education is the alma mater for one third of teachers and administrators in Northern Virginia’s world-class school systems. Each year, more than 3,000 graduate students enroll in our innovative academic programs, which include advanced study for teachers and school leaders, instructional design and technology, and a renowned PhD in Education program that is among the largest in the country.

School of Recreation, Health, and Tourism - George Mason University

The School of Recreation, Health, and Tourism (SRHT) offers exciting, career-ready majors in dynamic fields such as athletic training, tourism and events management, health and physical education, kinesiology, sport management, and recreation management. SRHT features renowned faculty, cutting-edge research, six laboratories and centers, and a diverse student body of more than 1,000 undergraduate and graduate students each year. Each major requires one or more internship or clinical experiences, ensuring that students graduate not just with a transcript but with a resume that demonstrates their professional aptitude and skills.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a scientific approach to the study of behavior. It is concerned with describing, explaining, predicting, and changing behavior.

Applied Behavior Analysis Graduate Certificate with MEd Option

The ABA graduate certificate is designed to increase the professional training of individuals responsible for designing, implementing, and monitoring behavioral treatment and verbal behavior training programs in schools, private practices, and agencies such as psychiatric hospitals and training centers. The applied behavior analysis certificate is based on the standards of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board, Inc.

Fully Online Program

  • Not eligible for VA Educator Tuition Discount
  • 8 week modules
  • 100% online
  • Not eligible for in-state tuition pricing
  • Start in spring, summer or fall

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Campus/Blended Program

  • Eligible for VA Educator Tuition Discount
  • Traditional Semester
  • Face-to-face interaction with faculty
  • Eligible for in-state tuition pricing
  • Certificate-only students start in fall
  • MEd/ABA students start in spring, summer or fall

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Master's Option

Students who are completing the Master's in Special Education in conjunction with their ABA certificate program will need to complete the following courses to meet the MEd course requirements. Click here for a chart showing overlap in coursework of the certificate and MEd.

Optional Practicum

Note: These recommendations are based upon current BACB standards and are subject to change without prior notice. Students are encouraged to keep apprised of changes by visiting the Behavior Analyst Certification Board website and signing up for their newsletter.

Eligibility to sit for the BACB certification examination requires completion of coursework and experience requirements. There is a verified course sequence to obtain the Applied Behavior Analysis Certificate (ABAC). Once enrolled into the ABAC program, individuals who intend to sit for the national certification exam can opt for the following: (a) standard practicum, (b) intensive practicum track, or (c) track supervised independent fieldwork*. Students may complete these practicum either in conjunction with the ABA certificate coursework at George Mason, or after completing the George Mason ABA certificate coursework. Practicum experiences offered by George Mason University have been granted Approved Experience status by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board. Students must apply for ABA practicum each semester they are interested. Please note that applying for ABA practicum does not guarantee placement.

EDSE 795 - Standard Applied Behavior Analysis Practicum and EDSE 799 - Intensive Applied Behavior Analysis Practicum may be taken to meet the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB) supervised practicum requirements. Students may complete all of the hours needed to satisfy the BACB supervised experience requirement through 15 credits of EDSE 795/EDSE 799.

BCBA Examination Pass Rates

Gainful Employment Disclosure

Undergraduate Studies

Through decades of research, the field of behavior analysis has developed many techniques for increasing useful behaviors and reducing those that may cause harm or interfere with learning. Undergraduates can start their graduate ABA coursework as a student in the Accelerated Master’s program.

Accelerated Masters

Qualified undergraduates may be admitted to a Bachelor's/Accelerated Master's program and obtain either a BA or BS in any degree area and an MEd in Special Education within an accelerated time frame. The Accelerated Master’s program allows students to apply six credits, taken while an undergraduate, toward both their Bachelor's and Master's degrees. Additionally, students can take an additional six credits as reserve graduate credit in order to start their MEd program with twelve graduate credits already completed.

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Student Insights

Rachel Arigo, Student, MEd in Special Education & ABA Certificate

"As an online graduate student, I love being able to collaborate with other like minded professionals, who are as committed to disseminating ABA as I am! All my class content and experiences have been very enjoyable."