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The School of Recreation, Health, and Tourism (SRHT) offers exciting, career-ready majors in dynamic fields such as athletic training, tourism and events management, health and physical education, kinesiology, sport management, and recreation management. SRHT features renowned faculty, cutting-edge research, six laboratories and centers, and a diverse student body of more than 1,000 undergraduate and graduate students each year. Each major requires one or more internship or clinical experiences, ensuring that students graduate not just with a transcript but with a resume that demonstrates their professional aptitude and skills.

Advanced Studies in Teaching and Learning

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If you would like to deepen your understanding of student learning, improve your students’ classroom performance, and increase your capacity to meet the individual needs of your students, then Advanced Studies in Teaching and Learning (ASTL) is the program for you!

The Advanced Studies in Teaching and Learning (ASTL) program is for teachers and other educators with one or more years of teaching or education-related experience who want to continue to grow professionally. The program offers advanced study in Virginia's Standards of Learning (SOL) content areas. Aligned with the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS), the courses help teachers think and practice like board-certified teachers. The program:

  • Develops research-focused, student-centered teacher leaders whose teaching practice is aligned with the Five Core Propositions of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS)
  • Provides practicing teachers with robust and meaningful academic and professional course work that sharpens their content knowledge and research skills as educators.
  • Focuses on increasing teachers' understanding of how students learn, how to design instruction that meets the needs of all learners in their classrooms, and how to assess student learning through multiple approaches.
  • Helps teachers more fully understand how cultural and linguistic factors affect student learning and school climate.
  • Builds leadership skills to help teachers become change agents in their school communities.
  • Develops teachers' expertise in a content area of choice that deepens their professional knowledge and identifies them as team and building leaders.

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